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at 85, Mennohomes founder shows no signs of slowing down

After a lifetime of working for charities and not profits, Martin Buhr is not planning on slowing down anytime soon, even at the age of 85.
“One could do that, but that’s like rotting – rotting physically and mentally and spiritually -just to assume a position of non-involvement. That’s shutting yourself off from the dynamism of life. It’s very dynamic to stay engaged and healthy, and there’s lots of benefits to me,” Buhr said.

Beyond Housing lives up to its name with new freezer program

Although inflation has slowed down somewhat to 3.1 per cent, many Canadians like Brenda Kumornik are still feeling the pinch. “A little bag used to be 10 bucks a bag and it’s $20 to $30 per bag of groceries now. That’s not even just food, that’s toiletries, as well and it’s outrageous out there right now…