Examples of Income and Assets

Below is a list of examples of Income and Assets as well as and written proof you must include when completing Section 4 of the tenant application form.

EMPLOYMENT RELATED INCOME Two months of pay stubs, or a completed employment verification form for:

  • Full-time, Part-time, Irregular, Casual, Seasonal, Odd jobs
  • Overtime earnings, separation/vacation pay
  • Commissions and bonuses
  • Tips and gratuities

A statement showing how much and how often you get payments, or a copy of cheque stubs for:

  • Disability / Sickness pay
  • Long term income protection payments
  • Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Employment Insurance Payments (EI)

SELF-EMPLOYMENT INCOME Audited financial statements, or a certified copy of your most recent tax return

  • Tutoring, Music Teaching, Child Care, Babysitting, Taxi, Business,

SOCIAL ASSISTANCE INCOME A copy of cheque stub and drug card

  • Ontario Works (OW)
  • Ontario Disability Support (ODSP)

PENSIONS AND ALLOWANCE INCOME A copy of statement of entitlement, cheque stubs, or bank statements which show how much and how often you get paid

  • Old Age Security (OAS)
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
  • Guaranteed Annual Income Supplement (GAINS)
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
  • Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)
  • Social Security (other countries)
  • Widow’s Pension
  • Company Pension
  • Private Pension
  • Public Service Plan
  • Civilian War Pensions
  • Disability Pension
  • War Veterans Allowance (D.V.A.)
  • War Veterans Allowance (other countries)


  • Military or Militia or Civil Defense Allowance
  • Training / Retraining Allowances

OTHER INCOME Copies of statements, cheque stubs, bank statements, legal agreements or other proof of income

  • Insurance payments
  • Student grants/bursaries, OSAP
  • Provincial or municipal payments
  • Payments under compensation for Victims of Crime Act
  • Mortgage income
  • Payments from Public Guardian and Trustee
  • Payments from Children’s Aid Society or Catholic Children’s Aid
  • Separation payments
  • Alimony payments
  • Support payments (for spouse or child)
  • Support from relatives or other sources/Sponsorship
  • One-time lump sum payments (inheritances, court and out-of-court settlements)

INCOME PRODUCING ASSETS Statements of equity, audited financial statements, bank statements, certified copy of your most recent income tax, etc.

  • Farm property which produces income
  • Real estate (residential, commercial, farmland, cottage, mobile home) which produces rental income
  • Savings account (bank, trust company, credit union), annuities, Guaranteed Investment Certificates, stocks or shares, bonds, debentures, mortgages, loans, notes, term deposits
  • License which produces income (e.g. Taxi License)
  • Business interest which produces income

NON-INCOME PRODUCING ASSETS Provide a copy of statements for:

  • Life insurance (with cash surrender value)
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  • Real estate (house, condominium, summer cottages, farmland, commercial or vacant land) in any country
  • Business interest which does not produce income